Ideal Client Identifier

Ideal Client Identifier

Your first step to having a clear message that draws in your soulmate clients

If people aren't noticing your marketing efforts then something is missing in your messaging … let’s find out what that is!

 Here's how this tutorial will help you!
  1. Discover who you are best positioned to serve right now based on your existing knowledge.
  2. Identify what content you can create that will capture their attention.
  3. See where the gaps are in your marketing message and fill them for better results.
What you receive:
  • Video tutorial
  • 4-Part Ideal Client Description - Template

Start clarifying your audience and messaging

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Danielle Gardner
Danielle Gardner
Business Mentor

I'm an Australian living in Spain. Words and the psychology & soul of marketing are my thing. That's why I love helping Lightworkers with their marketing and growing their businesses. Ole!

What others are saying about this Guide:

Stef Winwood

This tutorial took me on a clarifying journey ...

Both the written and audio content where clear, concise and easy to understand. The process took me on a journey through my unique skills, personality and offerings and have greatly helped refine what I want to offer to my clients in my new busine...

Alicia Lee Long


Thank you so much Danielle for this tutorial, it complimented my findings so perfectly as it went just that little bit deeper than the information I had found out there on the net. It was fun and very interesting to take the self-journey that this...

Kristen Date

Amazing in its simplicity!

I really enjoyed this tutorial. Dani's questions really gave me insight into who my target market is and who I feel called to work with. In the past, I have had a tendency of wanting to help everyone, which means that you scatter your energies, no...

Katrina Brady

Excellent Starting Point

I found this tutorial to be extremely helpful as an Astrologer who has been mainly working with clients 1:1 but never narrowed down who I want to work with specifically, or how to communicate the benefits of the service I offer. I had gotten st...

Indira Jeffrey

This helped me clarify my message

Hi Dani, First at all it was very nice to chat with you last week! Every time I speak to you I recharge, clarify my mind, and keep going! This course was what I needed to clarify my brand personality and narrow my market niche. Thank you! Ind...

Narelle Shiell

This is gold!

Thanks Dani, The structure and guidance provided in this program has really helped break down some of the issues around finding my ideal client. As a big picture thinker I really appreciate the details being spelled out so I simply needed to fill...