Concise, digestible & easily implementable

Like you, I love acquiring skills and knowledge that will support me in realising my goals — but I can't stand long winded curriculum that includes loads of information I will probably never need. Those kinds of courses feel overwhelming, and as a result they don't get finished, or started in come cases!

One of my gifts is conciseness, which is why my tiny courses generally have 6 - 10 digestible video lessons with a total watch time of 60-90 minutes. My courses offer a powerful distillation of knowledge and include simple tools to support you with implementing what you learn immediately.

And from March 2023 you will also have access to student community inside Thinkific.

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Course Presenter

Danielle Gardner

The Quiet Marketer

Danielle Gardner is a Human Design Generator, business mentor, tiny course creator, and author of Quiet Marketing. Her work with clients is centered around taking a calm, minimal approach to business and online visibility, that is especially suited to Highly Sensitive solopreneurs.

Terms of Purchase

Prior to purchasing please review the Terms of Purchase.