The art of being found online

Discoverability is a passive, low-effort approach to marketing whereby people discover you as a result of intentional online searches — rather than you needing to be visible on social media

Devoting time to making yourself more discoverable is a form of solopreneur self care — because when you know people can find you, it’s easier to exhale, relax, and enjoy the benefits of less screen time.

Does this sound like you?

  • You don’t have the energetic capacity or interest in showing up online all the time and being visible.

  • You want people to be able to find you outside of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.

  • You don’t want to rely on one-on-one conversations in order for people to find out about you.

  • Modern-day marketing approaches such as free webinars, running challenges and hosting free groups don’t interest you.

  • Even during the good weeks in business, you sense an underlying tension about how future clients will find their way to you.

What this course gives you:

  • Clarity about what content you can create to increase your chances of being found by your ideal clients.

  • Guidance on how to name your content pieces so they are more easily picked up by search engines.

  • Advice on where to publish your content.

  • Simple SEO tools to increase your discoverability.

  • A means to have people find you outside of social media platforms (so you don't have to spend so much time online).

What you receive:

  • Immediate access to my simple discoverability practice distilled into 6 concise video lessons.

  • My Discoverability Checklist

  • List of discoverability resources I use and details of a colleague who can provide technical assistance if needed.

Course curriculum

    1. How to approach this course

    2. Introduce Yourself Here

    3. Discoverability Checklist, URL's, Support Directory

    4. Register for October 18th Discoverability Clinic

    1. The journey of becoming discoverable

    2. 1. Existing content pieces you can use to become discoverable

    3. 2. Using market research to inform your discoverability content creations

    4. 3. How to name your content so it gets picked up by search engines

    5. 4. Where to publish your content so it can be found

    6. 5. Simple SEO tools to increase your discoverability

    7. 6. My best practices for audience building

    1. Discoverability Clinic Recordings

About this course

  • $350.00

Discussion Call Recordings

Deepen your understanding on how to be discoverable through these live call recordings. Topics include ➡️

  • Setting up your website for discoverability, and discoverability checklist for each content piece you publish.

  • Improving blog titles, weaving in your perspective, using LinkedIn 'Articles' to be discoverable.

  • How to be more easily discovered on YouTube and Amazon.

What to know before you purchase

Terms & Conditions

  • If you would like to be able to ask me questions and receive feedback on your discoverability strategy, you can do that inside my group mentorship.
  • Purchases are final. Please read this sales page fully to avoid any misunderstandings about what is being covered and what is included.


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Danielle Gardner

The Quiet Marketer

Danielle Gardner is a Human Design Generator, business mentor, tiny course creator, and author of Quiet Marketing. Her work with clients is centered around taking a calm, minimal approach to business and online visibility, that is especially suited to Highly Sensitive solopreneurs.