How can we prepare and adapt to our changing world and economy?

This class provides practical ideas on how to become more self sufficient in these uncertain times.

In 1980 amidst a full, spontaneous awakening of Kundalini, seven little men in long brown robes began appearing to Penny Kelly in her home, asking if they could show her some “pictures” of the future. 

Initially, Penny dismissed these strange visions and demanded they go away (while also questioning her own sanity). But the ‘Robes’ as she ended up calling them politely continued to return. 

Eventually she opened up to receiving their messages. There were about 16 visitations altogether over a two year period.  In each one, they transmitted a huge amount of information for the purpose of helping humanity in collectively choosing the best timeline for our future - amidst a host of other possible futures.

Due to the intensity and mind altering nature of what the Robes shared, Penny felt relieved when the visits stopped and tried to forget about them. 

Then, 11 years later in 1991, they came back for one last visit to encourage Penny to write down what they had shown her and as a result of this Penny published ‘Robes - A Book of Coming Changes’.

The main message I took away from the book is that we are too reliant on governments and multinationals in taking care of our basic needs of food, water, heating, clothing and shelter.

Without ‘the system’ we are lost at sea. The average person does not know how to grow food, find water, start a fire, or make anything useful with their hands.

This concern has sent me on a mission to shine the light on traditional knowledge, so we can better adapt to our changing world and economy.

That’s why I’ve asked Penny to join me in hosting this live online class on ‘Skills for The Coming Age’.

Class overview:

  • Where to begin with becoming more self-reliant.

  • Becoming a subject-matter expert on something.

  • Simple ways to begin growing your own food.

  • Preparing for the economy of the coming age.

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