The Human Design strategy of ‘waiting to respond’ applied to business

A practical course for Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators who want their business and marketing efforts to be more effective.

Does this sound like you?

  • Recently discovered Human Design and after learning that your strategy is to "wait to respond" you feel the need to do business differently.

  • Marketing and selling your programs and courses is becoming more and more difficult, even though you’ve worked on your messaging.

  • You’re rebirthing your business and you want to understand how to do that via your Human Design so you don’t have to work so hard this time around.

  • Having a hard time knowing what to respond to, versus what you think you “should” be doing.

  • Frustrated about not being able to make your business work. You spend a lot of energy creating things then either see no response, or feel the energy leave.

This course will guide you to:

  • Know how can create offerings that honour your energy, creativity and cycles.

  • Find clarity from within so you can identify what business practices and approaches will feel right for you.

  • Have a marketplace presence that is fully aligned with who you are, and that feels like ‘art’.

  • Know what to do while you are waiting to respond, and how to shorten the waiting time.

  • Have people buy your offerings more readily because you are following your Human Design strategy.

What you receive

  • Instant access to the 8 concise lessons, each with its own simple checklist for implementation (90-min watch time)

  • Recordings of previous bonus live business clinics with your fellow Generators.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduce yourself here

    2. Business Clinics

    3. Recordings & Resources

    1. 1. What responding looks like in business

    2. 2. How to know what to respond to

    3. 3. What to do while waiting to respond

    4. 4. How to minimise the waiting time

    5. 5. Rest and releasing what is a Sacral 'No'

    6. 6. Inner Authority + Sacral “Yes!” in a business context

    7. 7. How to craft offerings in response

    8. 8. Launching that's kind on your heart

    9. The Master Checklist

About this course

  • $350.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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Tuition Fee

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Course Presenter

Danielle Gardner

The Quiet Marketer

Danielle Gardner is a Human Design Generator, business mentor, tiny course creator, and author of Quiet Marketing. Her work with clients is centered around taking a calm, minimal approach to business and online visibility, that is especially suited to Highly Sensitive solopreneurs.