Is your energetic capacity for client facing time limited or unpredictable?

Tiny {self study} courses provides a means for clients to benefit from your work, and for you to continue generating income.

Create a Tiny Course is for you if:

  • There are foundational concepts of your work that you either want clients to have prior to working with you, or that no longer want to utilise your energy to teach.

  • You're feeling called to share and teach skills one-to-many, more so than work one-on-one with clients.

  • Because your energy or availability for client-facing time is limited, you are looking for alternative ways to generate income.

  • You’d like to offer tiny courses as an on-ramp onto your list, rather than have a free opt-in.

What you'll be able to do as a result of this course:

  • Choose your course topic and name it in a way that helps people to justify buying.

  • Create a simple course outline and flesh out the content for each of your tiny lessons.

  • Use my Canva template to create your lesson slides with ease.

  • Simplify the lesson recording process so you can get your course published as early as possible.

  • Set up your learning centre on a platform like Thinkific within minutes.

  • Create a simple, effective course sales page and launch plan.

What you receive:

  • Immediate access to the short, concise lessons.

  • Templates for creating; your course outline, lesson slides and sales page.

  • My support with promoting your course launch.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Orientation

    2. Introduce yourself here

    3. Workshop Registration

    1. 1. How to select your course topic

    2. 2. How to name your course so it sells more easily

    3. 3. How to craft your course outline

    4. 4. How to flesh out your lesson content

    5. 5. Create your teaching materials / lesson slides

    6. 6. Record your lessons with minimal fuss

    7. 7. Setup your student learning centre within minutes

    8. 8. Write and design an effective course sales page

    9. 9. A simple plan to bring awareness to your course

    1. Lesson Resources

    2. Test drive your course idea with a live class

    3. Live Call Recordings

    4. Next steps

About this course

  • $350.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Things to know before enrolling...

This course does not include any personalised coaching or guidance via email. Please come to a live group call if you'd like to talk something through. Purchases are final so please read this sales page mindfully before purchasing.


Purchases are final so please read this sales page mindfully.

Course Presenter

Danielle Gardner

The Quiet Marketer

Danielle Gardner is a Human Design Generator, business mentor, tiny course creator, and author of Quiet Marketing. Her work with clients is centered around taking a calm, minimal approach to business and online visibility, that is especially suited to Highly Sensitive solopreneurs.