Share your knowledge in an easy to digest way

While creating a channel for you to receive passive income

Tiny courses create an accessible on-ramp to your business, provide a means for sharing your systems & frameworks, and open up new channels for passive income.

Create a Tiny Course is for you if:

  • Your energetic capacity for client-facing time is either unpredictable or minimal, so you need to find alternative ways to generate income.

  • You feel called to share and teach skills, rather than work one-on-one with clients.

  • There are foundational concepts or systems of your work that you no longer want to spend time on during client-facing time.

  • You know you don’t have the energy or desire to create a single large course.

  • You feel that people are Zoomed out and that mini-courses will be better received.

  • You’d like to offer tiny courses as an on-ramp onto your list, rather than have a free opt-in.

The skills you'll learn:

  • How to identify what tiny courses to create and how to go about naming them.

  • A simple way to structure your course sections.

  • How to create beautiful, minimal lesson slides (with the help of my Canva course slides template).

  • How to go about recording your course lessons.

  • Easy options for where to host your course.

  • How to test drive your course idea via a live class.

  • Simple ways to market your course.

What you receive:

  • Immediate access to my simple course creation system, distilled into 6 concise video lessons.

  • My Canva slides template for creating quick and easy lesson slides.

  • My template for laying out your course sales page.

  • My live class lesson plan template (for test driving your course content).

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

    • Course Overview

    • Define your goal

  • 2


    • 1. Choosing And Naming Your Course

    • 2. My Simple Course Structure

    • 3. Creating Lesson Slides & Recordings

    • 4. How And Where To Host Your Course

    • 5. Test Drive Your Course with a Live Class

    • 6. Course Sales Page & Marketing Your Course

  • 3

    Resources & Call Registration

    • Templates & Technical Resources

    • Register for Live Call

    • Student Discussions

Terms & Conditions

What to know before you purchase

  • This course is offered as ‘self study’ and does not include any email access to me for personalised guidance. If you would like to be able to ask me questions and have my input on your business, you can explore joining my group mentorship program after completing the course.
  • Purchases are final. There are no refunds if you decide you don’t like my approach or expected something different.
  • Please read this sales page fully to avoid any misunderstandings about what is being covered and what is included.


Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing


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