When your messaging is meaningful you can get away with less marketing.

This course will guide you through translating your knowledge, point of view, values and audience insights, into marketing content and sales pages.

Most solopreneurs spend way too much time online marketing and networking, with not much to show for it — because their message isn’t clear. 

When you can clearly articulate who you are, what you stand for, and what change your offerings help create, then your ideal clients will find it so much easier to justify buying from you.

This framework will help resolve:

  • The idea that you must have just ‘one niche’ — which doesn’t work for you because you offer several different services.

  • Uncertainty about how to translate your gifts, point of view and market research data into content and offerings that people want.

  • Difficulty with finding the words and language for your website that express the true essence of your work.

  • Confusion about what content you need to create to grow an audience of ideal clients.

  • Feeling like you must use those ‘long form’ sales pages to have people buy from you.

  • Struggling to be concise when creating content or describing your offerings.

As a result of this course you will:

  • Have a solid messaging foundation from which you can create content and offerings.

  • See how you can have different niches for the different offerings.

  • Be able to write simple, concise sales pages that make the benefits of buying obvious.

  • Feel more at ease with posting content and not need to second-guess yourself.

  • Know how to create meaningful content that cultivates an audience of ideal clients and helps you become more discoverable.

  • Spend less time marketing because your message is so clear. 

  • Be visible in a way that feels unintrusive, effortless and like you're not ‘trying’ to sell something all the time.

What you receive:

  • Immediate access to 7 concise, easy-to-digest lessons that will rebirth your message.

  • The Message Organiser template, which you'll use to create content, newsletters and offerings that your people can justify buying.

  • My Offer Template that guides you in creating an offering that your people can easily justify buying - because it speaks to what they need clearly.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Define your goal for this course

    1. 1. Craft a niche statement for your chosen product or service

    2. 2. Describe the world through their eyes

    3. 3. Describe the change they are seeking

    4. 4. Channel your perspective in relation to their current circumstances & goals

    5. 5. Create & publish content based on your Message Organiser document

    6. 6. Craft a simple sales page that makes the benefit of buying obvious.

    7. 7. Bring awareness to your new offer with a simple launch plan

    1. Templates

    2. Submit your MO Document for review

    3. Next Steps

About this course

  • $300.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully so you understand the terms of purchase. 

  • This system I am teaching has helped many people with their message, however I can not guarantee any specific result for you.   
  • This course is offered as ‘self study’ and does not include any personalised coaching on how you can apply these teachings to your business. 
  • Purchases are final. There are no refunds if you decide you don’t like my teachings.


Please read terms and conditions before purchasing.

Course Presenter

Danielle Gardner

The Quiet Marketer

Tiny courses are made of concise lessons (no fluff or waffle) that you can digest in 1-2 hours. They offer practical, unconventional business and marketing practices + simple tools and templates to make implementation quick and easy.